Data Protection Manager

I have studied with the International Association of Privacy Professionals and hold their Certified Information Privacy Professional/ Europe (CIPP/E) and the Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) certifications verifiable from this page 

The main function of Privacy Management is to set up strategies for minimizing personal information breaches by setting  up management frameworks and operational plans for the minimizing of corporate damage in the event of a breach.

This is what I offer as a Privacy Manager

A Privacy Program Governance

Strategic Management

1. Create an Organization Privacy Vision and Mission Statement

2. Develop a Privacy Strategy

3. Structure the Privacy Team

Develop and Implement a Framework

1. Frameworks

2. Develop Organizational Privacy Policies, Standards and/or Guidelines

Performance Measurement

1. The Metric Life Cycle

B Privacy Operational Life Cycle


1. Assessment Models

2. Assess Key Areas of Your Business


1. Data Life Cycle Management (DLM)

2. Information Security Practices

3. Privacy by Design

4. Conduct Analysis and Assessments


1. Monitor

3. Communicate


1. Information Requests

2. Legal Compliance

3. Incident Planning

3.1 Understanding Key Roles and Responsibilities

3.2 Integrating Incident Response into the Business Continuity Plan

3.3 Incident Detection

3.4 Security Is a Shared Responsibility

3.5 Tools of Prevention

4. Incident Handling

4.1 Pre-Notification Process

4.2 Elements of the Privacy-Incident Response Plan

4.3 Developing an Incident-Response Plan

4.4 Execution Timeline

4.5 Progress Reporting

4.6 Response Evaluation and Modifications to plan